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Search for duplicates

Post by messab » Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:02 pm

Hi. Thanks for great product - best in it's class by far!

I appreciate that data analysis features such as this may be outside what the program was originally designed for, however, with rapidly increasing hard drive sizes and the relative reduction in cost I beleive the ability to search for multimedia duplicates would be very desirable for most users.

The search only needs to be done through the list(s) generated by Directory Lister (most of the work would therefore be done for the duplicate algorithm). Of course, the algorithm should handle wildcard searching. It should output duplicates/triplicates/etc using the full path and attributes - and/or - allow deletion from within the program itself.

If this is not possible under the program's remit, would it be possible to, at least, allow file deletion from within the program itself?

I think Directory Lister has been designed with the recognition that the number of multimedia files held on users computers is very rapidly increasing, and this, together with the rapid move towards the computer/similar device being used as a central entertainment hub in homes, will drive products such as this into incorporating greater functionality. Even Windows 7 dosen't come close to providing the user with the ability to do what your product does - and does with ease! I guess that by going down this path a whole new can of functionality worms would then open! one step at a time?

Thanks again for a great product.

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Re: Search for duplicates

Post by admin » Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:12 pm

you almost can do this now by enabling hash counting, hide directory rows, treat files all together and sort by hash. two files (even with different name and date) would appear on the list next to each other. I agree it is hard to find them in a very large listing, but at least something.
Anyway, what you propose is on the roadmap for Directory Lister Pro - display only duplicated files (based on hash most probably) and context menu to delete (some of) them.

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