Screenshots of Directory Lister.

Main program window with some MP3 files properties displayed in the preview window.
Directory Lister - MP3 properties

Explorer mode is best launched with the File->Quick configuration->Explorer Mode menu.
Directory Lister - Windows Explorer Mode

Standard file properties.
Directory Lister - Standard file properties

Document properties from various PDF, DOCX or XLSX files.
Directory Lister - Document properties

Video properties from AVI, MP4 and other files.
Directory Lister - Video properties

Photo properties can be retrieved from JPG and other images.
Directory Lister - Photo properties

Executable files like EXE, DLL, OCX are listed together with their CRC32 and SHA1 hashes.
Directory Lister - Executable properties and Hashes

Display options are used to control the final listing look.
Directory Lister - Display Options

Behavior options affect how files are searched for.
Directory Lister - Behavior Options

Format of the data and size properties and sorting of files.
Directory Lister - Format & sorting

Output type page with a text listing.
Directory Lister - Output type

HTML page where you can set options related to HTML output.
Directory Lister - HTML options

Column order page with red-gray HTML style.
Directory Lister - Column order

Files can be filtered by name, date, size or attributes.
Directory Lister - File Filters

Folders can also be filtered.
Directory Lister - Folder Filters

Program options page.
Directory Lister - Program options

Context menu interface, just after you right click a folder in Windows Explorer.
Directory Lister - Windows Explorer Context menu


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